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putting glitter nail polish on: omfg this is so pretty look at the sparkles and the texture and sparkles and glitter omg i cant even this is amazing it is gold sparkles sparkles sparkles
taking glitter nail polish off: you son of a bitch suck my dick. hand me that knife to get this shit off. who has a sander? the fuck is this shit like gorilla glue? fucking fuck fuck fucking hate this fucking shit. fuck sparkles.

"Avalanna means the world to me. I feel she is one of my biggest fans. She has a very rare condition where she’s really not gonna make it much longer so.. um.. *sigh* it kinda hurts sometimes that fear I might no be able to see her again. Everytime i see her i try to make her happy as possible."

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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the naughtiest of them all?

No matter how rich or famous or successful I become, when it comes to you I’m always gonna be that moon-eyed girl who freaked you out at her first glee rehearsal. You are the first boy who made me feel loved. And sexy. And visible. You are my first love. And I want more than anything for you to be my last.

Some people just need a happy meal!